Casdon Kenwood Mixer Review

Aeryn loves to role play and it swings between playing schools or cooking. She imitates her teacher to the ‘T’ and I have heard her cooking a recipe that I would have cooked in the week.

To add to her role playing fun, we were sent this amazing Casdon Kenwood Mixer to review.

It looks very similar to the actual mixer and it also really works. I did want to try out a recipe with it but Aeryn didn’t want to get it messy and preferred to use pretend food.

There are 2 speed settings, a whisk beater, a spatula and a recipe book. It can be either hand or battery operated.

I like the size of the mixing bowl as you can actually use it to beat eggs for an omlette or the like, making the mixer so much more than just being a toy.

It promotes hand to eye coordination, social skills and it also gets little ones interested in key life skills like cooking.

The mixer is silver in colour and it does look rather real. The fact that you don’t really need batteries for it, make it so much more easier to use as you don’t have to worry about running out. You can use it manually with the crank.

We also like how you can raise the arm so that it is easier to put and take out ingredients.

The Casdon Kenwood Mixer is priced at £22 and is available at all major retailers. It is available at all major retailers.

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