Carton or Cow Pat? Silly Moo – the udderly hilarious game:Review

A cow that gives milk cartons when it is milked? That would be convenient!

Well, this cow either gives milk cartons or cow pats when you milk it. It is ‘udderly’ hilarious. Well, thats what Silly Moo – the game is all about!

Silly Moo

The children had been after getting this game after seeing the advertisements on television. I was going to get it for them for Christmas but was lucky enough to get one to review.

They couldn’t wait to play the game and to be honest, I could not either as I was curious to see how it works.

The game is really simple and great for little ones.

The game includes:

A cow figure

Cow pats and milk cartons

A die

How to play?

Throw the die to show how many times you pull the cows udders. If you get a ‘moo’ you miss a turn. On pulling the udders, you either get a white carton, gold carton or a cow pat. When there are no more cow pats or cartons left, Silly Moo’s eyes pop out and its time to count your points.

The points system –

White carton – 1 point

Gold carton – 2 points

Cow pat – (-) 1 point

Calculate all the points and the one with the most points is the winner.

silly moo1

What we liked about the game –

  • Easy to play – little ones can also join in
  • It’s hilarious
  •  It teaches little ones how to count by adding up/subtracting points
  • The cow is really cute
  • Each game is short and takes less than 15 minutes so the children do not get bored easily.
  • It’s a board game with a difference.

Although it is called Silly Moo, it is quite a great game that the children enjoy playing. I would say that it is more geared to smaller children and is a great way of allowing them to take part in family games.

Silly Moo is from John Adams and is priced at £21.99 It is available at all major retailers.

Disclaimer: We were sent the aboive game to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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