Captain America Lunchbox Idea

Ethan loves the Marvel Superheroes – which child doesn’t?

When we heard that Captain America – Civil War was being released on DVD, he was after me to get it as we had missed it at the cinema.

What luck for him then, to get to watch the DVD AND be served a Superhero lunch box on the first day of school in his new class.

This year sees him going into Year 3, bringing an end to compulsory, free school dinners. Now he has the choice of either taking a packed lunch or a school dinner.

I personally also enjoyed packing this one. 🙂


It was super easy to do. I chose to use a red and blue theme in keeping with Captain America colours.

I used raspberries and blueberries to get the colour scheme right and Ethan loves berries so its a win-win.

The sandwich is a tuna sandwich but you can use any filling you like. I’ve cut it in a circle shape, added a slice of salami and then cut a slice of cheese in a star shape.

I’ve added cherry tomatoes and a baby bell with the alphabet ‘A’ from a cereal box. I also used a star shaped cutter to cut up some water melon pieces.

To finish, I took some icing stars and put them on the tomatoes and fruit.


Obviously it must not have looked as nice as this when he opened it at lunch time. However, seeing how his lunch looked before school, he was very interested in finishing it all up and could not wait for lunch time.

If you didn’t already know Captain America Civil War was out on DVD on the 5th of September and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do. This is a definitely a must see if you have a super hero fan at home. Ethan enjoyed the film.



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