Camping with Kids Down Under #IBSD2014

Hi, how lovely to be writing (or chatting) to a British audience. I’m Robyn, affectingly know as Mrs D. I’m a happily married, stay at home mamma to three little kiddies and I live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Although I was born in South Africa I actually grew up in Surrey and only moved to Australia just a little over three years ago. Before that I worked for Virgin Atlantic Airways and had NO idea what a blog was.

I started blogging after we moved to Sydney as a way of keeping in touch with all my friends and family. The more I learned about blogging, the more I loved it, and now ‘Mrs D plus 3’ has become my fourth baby. I do it purely for my new found love of story telling and maybe to keep me sane during some of those mundane mummy days, if you know what I mean!

Camping with kids DOWN UNDER

During our most recent Easter School holidays Mr D and I took the kids on our first EVER family camping trip. We went to a spectacular little coastal town called Pambula Beach (which is about 7 hours South of Sydney) and checked into a BIG 4 Holiday Park. For experienced Aussie campers, Big 4 Parks are for those who need a little bit of luxury (or in my books, necessities) like hot water, proper toilets and kids playgrounds. It’s perfect for beginners.

Thank heavens for Ipads as I’m not quite sure how many games of I-spy we could have played to cover an 8 hour road trip. We eventually made it though (with everyone still smiling) and with just enough daylight left to put up our tent.

Mr D concentrated on erecting the tent and I made it pretty! I couldn’t help myself (after spending far too much time on Pinterest) our tent just NEEDED a bunting. I’m sure we got a few funny looks from some of the die hard campers around us, but I assured Mr D it was just because they wished they had a bunting too.


We were pretty lucky as within minutes of getting the tent up the sky had turned as black as night, but it wasn’t night (yet)! With only an almighty crack of thunder to warn us, the heavens opened and the rain POURED!! The wind was so strong that the gazebo joining our tent with our friend’s tent was ripped from ground and tossed around until it looked like a crumpled piece of paper.

The storm went as fast as it arrived and I wasn’t quite sure whether this was going to be a nightmare or the beginning of an exciting adventure! I just need some wine – even if it came in a plastic wine glass.


Fortunately the rest of the week produced the beautiful sunny weather you except in Australia, although it was pretty chilly at night. I think I must have acclimatised over the last three years here because one night the temperature dropped to 10 degrees and it felt like we were camping in the arctic! I don’t think I’d cope camping in English temperatures.

The kids loved every single second of the whole camping trip. The freedom of just being able to play ALL day with kids that they’d only just met, yet bonded with like best friends. Swimming the in ocean, catching their first fish, learning to do a triple back flip on a giant bouncing pillow, playing footie on the sand as the sun is setting, feeding the kangaroos and sleeping (almost) under the stars. It’s a childhood that I am so very grateful we’re able to give them.




We even managed to have a visit from the Easter Bunny. It had to be very carefully executed though as any Easter eggs hidden outside the tent would have made a rather delicious breakfast for a couple of kangaroos, wallaby’s and wombats. They were quite at home routing around our camp kitchen when no one was looking. The kids still believed that chocolate eggs came from the bunny, so high fives to us for pulling it off!


So would I go camping again?? Absolutely.

Thank you for reading and a huge thanks to Jacinta for having me on her blog. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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