Bunch O Balloons – The coolest water balloons ever: Review

Have you ever hidden and thrown a water balloon at an unsuspecting person? I must confess I have –  a long time ago. I hope my kids don’t read this because people nowadays are not so tolerant I think. We were sent these Bunch O Balloons to review and while we didn’t sneak them at any one, we had a great time pelting each other with them.

Bunch O Balloons from ZURU allow you to fill and tie 100 balloons in one go. Remember how painful it would be to fill each individual balloon and then tie it up too? This is a thing of the past as you can now fill them up quick as a wink AND you don’t need to tie them up.


They make for super summer fun in the garden and are perfect for a party or indeed getting the kids outdoors.

The Bunch O Balloons cannot be filled under a tap – you do need to connect a hose to fill them. When you do, you can fill all of them in a matter of seconds. Once filled, just take them off the connecting stick and aim!

They are quite a good size so you’ll be in for a good dunking if you fail to dodge them.

There were squeals of laughter and delight and the children were so excited to be playing with them.

The Bunch O Balloons are the coolest water balloons ever.


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