Building a year of memories with a photo calendar

Being a mum of 3 children 8 and under, I often forget things like important dates, appointments etc. For me it is vital to have a calendar where I can record what needs be done. Things like ‘Roald Dahl days’, mufti days, events, school holidays and birthdays all go onto a calendar so that I don’t forget! If someone stole my calendar, I would be quite lost.

One of my passions is taking photos especially since I think anything I see is of vital importance and may be turned into a blog post. 🙂

I also love having photographs to retain and relive memories of moments of our lives that have brought joy. It may be of birthdays, ceremonies and holidays or just of the children enjoying playing with their favourite toys. As you may have guessed, I do have a whole lot of photographs.

I do have many of them that are of the old format – on paper but there are many of late that are the digital version and these are so versatile for use with personalised gifts.

My mum just loved photos. The best present you could have ever given her for any occasion would be photographs of her children or grandchildren. So she has left behind a legacy of albums. Our lives from when we were little all documented in photos. I have to admit that I do love looking through them from time to time and reliving all those happy times – laughing at the way we looked whilst we were growing up, gawky and awkward, the clothes we would not be caught dead in now. Sometimes the photos bring a tear to my eye as I remember happier moments – celebrations, births, birthdays, marriages, moments when all of us spent time together.

I remember the first personalised gift I gave her with photos of her grandchildren. She was over the moon.

Personally, I think the best present I ever received myself was a calendar that contained photos of happy moments spent with the family. It even contained photos of people who were celebrating their birthdays on a particular day so there was no way I could forget. Luckily I was given a calendar, as if I had to make one for myself, it would be really tough deciding which photos should go on.


I think a personalised calendar or diary makes a perfect gift for any occasion. It is a gift that lasts through the year and helps one to remember times of joy.

Since Christmas is almost upon us, I am giving you, as one of my readers, the opportunity to win an A4 photo wall calendar. All you need to do is enter the giveaway below.

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Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Photobox.

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  1. i got a lovely silver necklace with my sons fingerprint in off my son for christmas when he was 5 months old (via my mum)

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