#BuildAHero with Sprukits from Bandai – A Review

Superheroes are a big thing in our home. We have them everywhere. There are all the Marvel superheroes and then there’s Batman and Superman and the list goes on and on.

Having superheros and action figures is one thing – being able to build one has an excitement all of it’s own.


Bandai’s new range of Sprukits is just this – it allows one to build a hero.


We were lucky enough to be sent a collection of heroes to build – 2 Batman figures, Superman and the Joker (not really a superhero, but definitely part of the family)


What is a Sprukit?

It is a kit that allows you to build your own hero from the spru. The Spru is where all the pieces that you need to build a hero are organised. When I say oganised, I mean that they are numbered and also have pictures so you know exactly which part of the hero you are building. All you need to do is pop out the parts and start building.



How easy is it to build?

It is targeted to children aged 8+ but there are 3 levels and the first level can be made by children 6+ I think. Jadyn created the toys but Ethan (6) was able to put parts together too. Some smaller bits like the face/head are a bit tricky but not impossible.


How does the finished piece look?

The finished piece is definitely heroic. I love the attention to detail as the hero is perfectly recreated even down to the muscles on the arms and legs. The legs and hands are posable and movable for extra fun and action.

Our verdict –

We love playing with the Sprukit Heroes. It’s wonderful that we are able to create our own heroes from scratch and then play with them too. We love the little details like the cape and the logos.

The Sprukits come in 3 different levels –

Level 1 : 30 – 40 pieces and is priced at £8.99

Level 2 : 80 – 100+ pieces and priced at £15.99

Level 3 : 200+ pieces and priced at £49.99

I like the range available as there is something to appeal to everyone. We think they are really innovative toys.

The Sprukits encourage manipulation and hand to eye co-ordination. I also think that this is great for concentration as you do need to concentrate while building. You also need to follow instructions and build each part accordingly.

Perfect for imaginative play, these Sprukits have our super seal of approval.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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