Bugs in the Kitchen – and I don’t care!

Help!! Help!!

I found a bug in my kitchen!


We love board games as they are a wonderful way to pass time…and get the children off the iPad and the telly and the other gaming devices. When I was young that was all we played.

Of course, board games have changed much since I was little and this one epitomises this totally.

For instance, we never had little bugs running around the board – we had to move the bugs ourselves. 🙂

Bugs in the Kitchen is a board game by Ravensburger.

It involves choosing a corner of the board and then moving the cutlery around so that the bug will land in your corner. Easy?

Easier said than done.

I tell you this bug is fast and is great at evading being caught.


The game comes with  –

1 Special Edition Hexbug Nano

1 3D game board with 24 movable cutlery pieces

18 bug tokens

2 Doors

1 Die



First of all you need to set up the board. To do so, you need to follow the instructions and anchor the cutlery onto the board so that they can rotate and ‘trap’ the bug into going into your corner. Make sure you use the pattern in the picture so that there is a balance of spoons, forks and knives.It is really easy to do.


The die is a bit different from others as instead of having numbers it has the image of a fork, spoon, knife and 3 question marks or wild cards. If you land on a fork, you can only move a fork. If you land on a ‘Question mark ?’ you can move the cutlery piece of your choice.


Start the game by putting the Bug in the centre of the board with it locked in. Then roll the die and move the cutlery piece to release it.

This is a game that does involve a bit of strategy and you need to preempt that another player may ‘spoil’ your plans by moving a piece to make the bug move in the opposite direction. I like it! Makes the children think a bit. Or not think at all and just move cutlery around till they get lucky and the bug lands in their corner. Ha!

When the bug lands in your trap, you get a bug token.  Then reset the cutlery pieces and start again. The player to win 5 tokens first, wins.

Bugs in the kitchen game
Bug Token

The game is great fun and as I said involves planning – which the children never did but still managed to win. *pouts*

Besides, it is a game where you can actually hurry the other players on  – not a good thing when you are planning that super move to get the bug into your corner. Decisions, decisions, I need time!! The children, don’t need it of course, because they don’t plan. At least my 5 year old doesn’t at all. He wins through sheer luck.

The game is engaging and fast which means I can get a quick game in between blogging. When there are 4 players, it goes faster. It is really better with two players as it lasts longer. But with younger children with the attention span of a fly – it may be a good thing that it is a quick game. Remember if you are playing with less than four players, you will need to board up a corner or two.

Board the corner up if less than 4 players.

We found the game loads of fun – didn’t know that we would have so much fun chasing a bug. In fact Ethan takes the bug out and has a play with it on its own too.


The bug requires a cell battery which it comes with and there is also an additional one for when the first one is empty. Pretty good idea.

We could not fault this game on any level other than the fact that being so great you tend to spend loads of time playing it. Leave the dirty dishes – there’s a bug in my kitchen! 😉

Bugs in the Kitchen is priced at £19.99 and is well worth the price for the hours of family fun it provides.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Bugs in the Kitchen game for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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