Budget Bucket List Challenge Entry

When I received an email to enter the MoneySuperMarket Budget Bucket List Competition, I decided to take up on it, since I thought it would be great fun. When I started to put pen to paper, I didn’t realise that there was so much I wanted to do.  Some of it I know is achievable and some are beyond my wildest dreams but if I can manage to start ticking off a few every year, I will be happy.

This has been hard as in there has been so much that I would like to put on my bucket list. Choosing the one that will be most inexpensive and the one that will be the most extravagant too was even more difficult as most of the items on my bucket list are on the expensive side!

When I wrote out my bucket list, I actually found that most involved doing things with the children that I know they would love and we can’t possible do because of everything being so expensive.

So here goes, the two items on my bucket list for the challenge.


Snowdon Mountain Railway near Clogwyn Station



Go to Snowdon Summit and carve our names on rocks. We love the mountains and it would be a real treat for the children to take the train up to the summit. It would be a lovely trip up to the top of the mountains and then to carve our names into rocks there. It would obviously involve taking pictures and blogging about it so that they will have the memory of it always. I would love them to get to know more about the country that they live in and appreciate its beauty.

The thing that prevents us from doing this so far has been the weather and getting there but with the weather seemingly better, I am sure that I shall soon be able to cross this off.



Disneyland – Magic Kingdom








My extravagance – I would love to visit Orlando with the family and visit ALL the theme parks. This would be an all expenses paid trip and would last at least 2 weeks. I figure that’s the amount of time we would need to get everything done. So it would be Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Six Flags,

It would also be nice to be able to tell the children when they ask each holiday where they are going – “Didn’t we go to Orlando for two weeks”? Well, I reckon that should result in a satisfying silence or better yet, result in the resurfacing of wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

The reason for not being able to do this is obviously finance related. It would mean me realising my dream as well as fulfilling the dreams of my children.


Completing this challenge has also inspired me to make a complete bucket list which I know will be changing as life goes on and I will be posting this shortly.

This is an entry for the MoneySuperMarket Budget Bucket List Challenge.

I know its a bit late for an entry (the last entry date is tomoorrow) but I would like to tag StressedRach, Mummyandthecuties and RedRoseMummy as I am sure they would love to enter the challenge.


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