BritMums Live 2013 – Day 1

So here goes – I was at BritMums Live 2013 and I have returned inspired, creative and ready to blog with renewed vigour.

I was all set to leave and meet up with a few people at Starbucks as planned but I somehow got delayed and decided to head out straight to The Brewery. This was the first time that I was travelling into London on my own so I was a bit worried that I would make the connections etc. On the other hand I do live quite near so it was only tube connections that I had to make.

It was also a long time since I had worn a dress and so was feeling a bit self conscious. Nonetheless thanks to NewLook I had a lovely dress and shoes and thanks to MiaTui I had a lovely Grace bag to carry all my stuff.

I was nervous, naturally, as it was my first blogging event. I had planned whom I wanted to meet and the sessions I wanted to attend and that was all down in my notebook. Very organized!!

All this was about to change the moment I entered the venue.

I was a bit early so as I stood outside waiting to go in, I met Sally, whom I know as we are on the Tefal Innovation Panel together. Really happy that happened as we entered together and registered and headed into the Hub.

On entrance, I saw a sea of faces. Some I recognised from Twitter but I could not remember the blogs or the names and I could not possibly open my notebook and check or for that matter check on Twitter for a name.

It hit me like a ton of bricks – the Hub was beautifully organized – brands in the centre and tables with tea, coffee, biscuits, cakes and loads of people mostly women of course (it is BritMums we are talking about) Everyone looked so confident. I was ready to duck behind a curtain or perhaps under a table!


I headed to BritMums1  – the room where most of the bigger events took place as it was huge. Lovely lighting – thank goodness it was a bit muted so I didn’t have to worry about people looking at me or tripping etc!



Susanna and Jen welcomed the bloggers and Kirstie Allsopp gave a keynote speech. I was still a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to expect from there on. I decided to stick there and take in the next discussion on brands and bloggers, which was quite interesting.


I did feel a bit isolated and went out into the Hub to meet people as this is what I had come for – to be part of a community. However, mostly everyone seemed to be in deep conversation with people and I was too shy to butt in and say hi. Besides I could not remember any names so I didn’t want to look like a complete dork and stare at people’s badges. Now that would definitely got me some notice. On hindsight, maybe I should have done just that. So today Twitter would have been filled with – did you meet that strange lady who kept staring at everyone’s badges? That would have got me some mention!!

So the next best thing – meet some brands. Here is where I met chatty people and felt at ease a bit. I met the lovely ladies at Parragon, Argos, Sodastream, Kelocote, Panasonic and TK Maxx, James and his team at Butlins and the people at Fox’s Biscuits and Warner Bros.

I wanted to pitch a book idea so visited the LBA den and got some wonderful feedback.

I met Susanna Scott who came up to us and said hi. A bit in awe of her – but she is lovely and put me at ease!

The BiB Awards – a glittering party event filled with lovely ladies in gorgeous dresses sipping champagne and wine. I did meet the lovely Jennie and she is such a graceful lady. I also met Emma whom I had met previously at a Tefal event.

Then, I seemed not to know anyone else. I don’t drink a lot for the simple reason that I get really red faced after a single glass (no idea why!!) I did have one glass though.

And then….I turned tail and fled!!

Firstly because my phone had died on me and I was worried about the journey home.

Secondly because I felt a bit out of my league!

I decided to recuperate and make the most of the second day…

(To be continued…)

8 thoughts on “BritMums Live 2013 – Day 1

  1. I’ve read a few write ups now of people’s experience at BML, and one of the most popular common factors is the nerves and not knowing any one!

    I too felt overwhelmed by it all and probably should have spoken to more people than I actually did, but I was in my comfort zone, having made a friend a few days before and hung out with her – that said, I didn’t stay closed and said hello and spoke to anyone who wanted to speak to me (not many did though lol)

    I hope to go back next year, maybe I’ll feel more part of it by then!

    Michelle x

    1. Yes Michelle, its nice if you have a fellow blogger to go with. Some of the bloggers I wanted to meet were quite busy too as they were speakers so I felt like I was disturbing them if I went across to speak to them. Am sure it will be better next year.

  2. Then we both will hang around and will be much worse that we will come back knowing only one – You to Me.. and Me to You.. 🙂 However.. Lets still make it and see if we can change it ..

  3. I found the first day totally overwhelming too. So much so I ended up having a little weep in the loos! It was just so busy and yet you can still feel very lonely in a crowd. I wanted to leave at the evening drinks do but couldn’t get out of the room because it was so crowded. Although I’m glad of that now because the awards were ace and well worth staying for.

    I’m still trying to work out if I need to avoid crowds in future or get out more and be more social!

    1. I ran off more because I was worried about getting the connection home and not having my phone with me and I am sorry I had to miss the awards as everyone said it was great. Next time, I will sip more than just one glass and stay on!

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