BritMums Christmas Networking Event

On Monday,  it definitely felt like Christmas at the Britmums Christmas networking event sponsored by Morrisons.

The moment I received the email about the event, I signed up and printed out my ticket. I know how fast tickets like this would go.

I was pretty excited about the event as I knew a few bloggers who were going too and I was looking forward to meeting some bloggers with whom I had connnected with on Twitter and Facebook and wanted to meet in real life. I figured that since this was a smaller group, I would be able to catch up. How wrong I was! I still had to look really insane as I stared at badges and tried to remember if I was following someone’s blog before I introduced myself and said so.

britmums xmas

When I entered the lovely hall, all decorated and Christmassy, I knew Christmas could not be far away. There were tables laden with goodies of every kind – Christmas cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread men, cookies, chocolate, Pannetone and much more. And very soon after I arrived with my little one, lunch was served. (no, I was not late…well maybe a little) Scrumptious sandwiches, salads, salmon, fruits and biscuits with cheese were on offer.

There were also Christmas decorations and candles and everything looked just right. Only the turkey was missing but I guess we’ll keep that for Christmas! 🙂


Now, any mother with a 2 year old would know that it is not ideal to bring a two year old to a Christmas do, especially after navigating London. Aeryn was on her best behaviour the first bit and then after tiredness and lots of chocolate got the better of her, she had a meltdown in the lift on the way out. Luckily this resulted in her falling fast asleep as soon as we had walked a few yards and all the way home. Wish she had fallen asleep sooner so I could have caught up with more cyber friends.

Going to events like this reminds me and reinforces why I love blogging. It was nice to see a room full of bloggers enjoying the morning together. Some knew each other and some didn’t but for each there was a smile and maybe a chat if you were not too shy. I was happy to witness a wonderful event that can join the cyber world and the real world together in Christmas cheer.

I was in two minds about attending but was glad I did as I put faces to names who are friends online.

Thank you to BritMums and Morrisons for the lovely morning and the lovely goody bag too! 🙂

And to anyone who doesn’t visit my blog till then – Merry Christmas!

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