BritMums Carnival – Of Mums and giving at Christmas

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As the beautiful season of autumn slowly fades away, leaving us to face the bitter cold of winter (and this year we have been informed of another freezing season), I bring you the BritMums Carnival.

I was surprised to find that I had only three bloggers who contacted me about the carnival and submitted posts. I guess it is just a very busy time of the year – Christmas. So much to do – so little time. Gifts to buy, decorations to be put up, Christmas dinner menus, Christmas cake and getting ready for Nativity plays.

And keeping in the spirit of Christmas, which we so often forget while we rush around to get everything perfect, there is a wonderful idea of giving over at Play & Learn Everyday as she teaches her son about helping others in the best possible way.

And Mums are the busiest at this time so Yummy Mummy has aptly described the different roles that we, as mums, take on. It is a job that has no payment except love.

Being a Mum myself, I can totally relate to her and in fact sometimes wonder how it would be if I wasn’t.

Last month, the main topic of the news was the storm St. Jude and here is Rachel’s own encounter with the storm over at StressedRach.

I did hope to have many more blogs to point out to but for now this is all. Thanks to Play & Learn Everyday, Yummy Mummy and StressedRach for joining me today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy this wonderful season of Christmas.

Will it be a white Christmas this year? I hope it will be. What are your thoughts?

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