British Barbecue with John Lewis

When I received an opportunity to take part in a challenge to prepare a British meal on the Barbecue, with John Lewis and Waitrose, I jumped at it.

It was a bit difficult to decide what to prepare as the children wanted sausages and we wanted steak. We also all love spare ribs.

I picked up the spare ribs, sausages and the steak from Waitrose and as usual the products were excellent.


I used my Tefal OptiGrill to prepare these dishes as this gives a lovely barbecue quality to the meat without any sweat of standing near the coals of a conventional barbecue.

I marinated the Free range spare ribs in barbecue sauce, salt and pepper. I then put them in the Optigrill and it was ready in about 20 minutes. I added some more sauce to it and served and this was delicious. For Hubs and me, I added a few chilli flakes to the ribs and we enjoyed the sweet and hot combination.


For Hubs and me, I prepared some steak with the Aberdeen Angus Beef Sirloin Steak and this was absolutely delicious. I have added the recipes below. Basically, there was not much to do as all the products were tasty on their own needing little or no seasoning.


I also grilled some Waitrose British Gourmet sausages with pepper and nutmeg and to this we made a mash and some gravy to go with it as the children love gravy and mash.


Sausages and Mash (Bangers and Mash)

This classic dish is still a welcome meal in most households. While you strictly do not need a barbecue for this meal, it is so much nicer when prepared on the barbecue.



Grill the sausages on the Barbecue until done. Sausages should be cooked through .

For the mash

6 -8 medium potatoes

A tablespoon of butter

100 ml milk

Boil the potatoes with a little salt and water. When soft, remove and mash together with milk and butter.

For the gravy:

1 pork stock cube

1 tablespoon mushroom sauce

1 tablespoon oyster sauce

1 teaspoon Mixed herbs

1 tablespoon cornflour

Make up the pork stock cube with about 250 ml of water. Add the mushroom and oyster sauce. Add the mixed herbs and stir on low heat.

Mix the cornflour with a little water and add to the gravy mixture. Bring to the boil and simmer for 1 minute. Add a little pepper to taste.

It is a fairly simple meal but when barbecued, the sausages take on a whole different meaning. The aroma of meat being grilled makes one feel hungrier.The meal was delicious made more so by the excellent quality of the Waitrose products.

Disclaimer: I received John Lewis vouchers worth £50 to be used to purchase the ingredients for this meal.

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