Britax B-Motion Pushchair Review

A short while ago I wrote a post announcing that I was thrilled to be a Britax  Mumbassador. I was even more thrilled to receive the Britax B Motion Pushchair to review.


My little one is 2 and while she does walk around quite a bit, there are times when we are out and about that she gets sleepy or tired and likes to sit in the stroller. I had a lightweight stroller for her. However, she was getting a bit big for that stroller so when I was asked if I wanted to review the B-motion stroller, I was pleased. I didn’t know at that time exactly how pleased I would be when I tried it out.

The buggy arrived quite quickly and it was really easy to assemble it. Everything magically clicks into place – it really is that easy. It is quite a big stroller and I love the size of the seat. I chose a Chilli neon red colour and it is a not a very bright red and at the same time it looks very attractive.

Where do I begin about this product? I like everything about it.

I could not wait to test drive it but it arrived on a day when we had showers and I didn’t  want to take the children out just to try out the pushchair. Anyway I didn’t have to wait long. The next day was a lovely day and I wasted no time in getting out.

Here is what I liked about it and can’t stop gushing about –

It is extremely smooth. It probably has to do with the fact that there are shockers on the pushchair but whatever it is – it rides like a dream. No more shaking up the baby over uneven roads. I have used 3 different pushchairs since Aeryn was born and none of them compare to this. There is no effort required to push it, it is that smooth flowing. It is truly an all terrain buggy and I can say this as I have tested it out on the beach (both sandy and pebbly) and on uneven road surfaces when we went for a long walk in uneven terrain.


It has a large seat. Aeryn is not small for her age but there is plenty of room for her in it.

It has a great hood which can be made larger or smaller with a zipper (very fancy) and it also has a netting so you can see baby and it lets the air in if the hood is down.


There are several different seat positions and it can be used from birth as it can lie flat.

It has a 5 point safety harness with padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to suite the height of the child.

It has an awesome open and shut feature. To open you just press on a clip and pull it up and it opens. To close, you press a button and pull on a strap and it just shuts down and clips up. Very,very easy. Easier than any I have used before.

The buggy is by no means small but it is extremely manoeuvrable with front swivel wheels and air filled tyres. In fact even my little 4 year old had a go at pushing his sister.

The handle is adjustable so one can adjust it to suit one’s height which is handy as I am on the petite side (please note the absence of the word ‘short’ – I am sensitive about my height) and my husband is – well, he is tall.

It is quite compact when folded and fits perfectly in the back of the car. In fact it even fits length ways leaving lots of room in the back.

Other things that still make it a great stroller –

It weighs about 10.5 kg and while this is not light, it weighs a lot less than other buggies that are similar in the market.

It also comes with bumper bar and can be used with a Britax BABY SAFE infant carrier with adapters.

A raincover is included with the buggy and it is extremely easy to fasten.

The basket is not huge but it can hold a decent amount of stuff and well – who buys a buggy for the basket anyway. All baskets have a weight restriction and the bigger the basket the more one tends to stuff it resulting in tearing it. (I speak from experience)

I also received some accessories for the buggy, which I think are necessary for any mum and child.

A parent organizer

A play tray

When I drop my eldest to school, I normally tend to carry my phone and keys in my pockets and sometimes even mange to get a snack in! So the parent organizer was a god send for me. It has two insulated bottle holders to keep cold or hot and a covered area to keep a phone, keys and any other knick knacks. Really handy for me as I won’t need to stuff my pockets any longer.

The play tray is used more as a table with Aeryn. She loves to munch while on the go and the play tray has an area to keep a bottle too.


All in all, I can truly say that it is the best buggy I have used in terms of size and ease of use and I would definitely recommend it very highly to any new parent or for that matter any parent looking for a solid, stylish, easy to use and push stroller.

It is suitable from birth to about 17 kg and is available exclusively at Kiddicare for about £249


Disclaimer: I received this stroller to review as I am a Britax Mumbassador. All ideas and opinions in the post are entirely my own.




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