BRITA Marella Filter Jug Review

I have seen quite a few people buying bottled water for household consumption and I often wonder why. I know I’ve always been told that it’s safe to drink tap water in the UK. However, I tend to rely on filtered tap water for household and that’s why when I was asked to review the BRITA Marella jug, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

I think the idea of filtered water started with the children as I always used filtered water to make up their formula milk. That kind of stuck and we soon all started to drink the filtered water. It tastes different – more like bottled mineral water somehow.

The BRITA Marella jug is quite different to the other chunky jugs I have had. This one is sleek and though it looks like it can’t carry much water it has a capacity of 2.4 litres. It is also made as such so it can fit into the fridge door. Perfect for summer(when it gets here!)

There is a ‘memo’ on the top which tells you when to change the filter so you know you also have fresh filtered water on hand.

The Marella jug also reduces levels of chlorine, heavy metals and limescale in the water. This is one of the problems I always face as we live in an area that has a lot of limescale residue.

The jug features a flip top lid for easy filling and is available in blue and white.

Priced at £21, it comes with a filter included and this lasts 4 weeks so it is cheaper than buying bottled water. The subsequent filters are normally around £14 for 4 so that reduces the 4 weekly expenditure to about £3.50.

The water does taste different to tap water and when I say this I mean in a nicer way.

I don’t think I could do without filtered water at home now. And when I think of chlorine levels in the water and other nasties, I know I’m doing right by giving my family filtered water.

It is available at

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