BRIO Family House and Expansion Module Set Review

The children love building and we’ve reviewed quite a few building toys. This time we were sent an amazing new playset from BRIO.

The Family House and the Expansion Module are all you need to create a lovely house for the family.

The Expansion Module has 14 pieces of flooring and walls, doors and a roof. The Family House includes 46 pieces  – 4 Figures, Chairs, a Table, a Bed, a Toilet, a Bookshelf Block, Kitchen Blocks, Bench, Fences, Step, Roofs, Columns,  Ladder,  Panels, Base Plates. 

The base plates act at floors and you can really give vent to your creativity to create the house of your dreams.

The products are aimed at children aged 3+ and I found them to be perfect for this age. The pieces are easily connected and are not sharp around the edges.


As the child grows, you can create more complicated designs with the set to make it more challenging.

The bright colours help as usual to get the children interested in building.


The great thing about the set is that you can rebuild to make different types of houses or smaller houses to form a village. Since the quality is good, the set is made to last and it can be passed down between siblings.

The BRIO Family House did seem a bit on the expensive side at  £59.99 but there are deals around and can be found less expensive at most retailers. The Expansion module is priced at £19.99

The products are durable and not flimsy so even building a high tower can hold it’s own.

The children are enjoying playing with the set and we definitely recommend them to any avid builders.


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