Brightlings from Spinmaster – A Review

Have you heard of Brightlings? They’re just what you need to brighten up your day.


These interactive dolls from Spinmaster are characterised by a large head and thinner, long body. The fact lights up on interaction and she can actually do quite a lot.

First of all, the Brightlings can say over 100 phrases in Play mode. You can make it say more by pressing it’s tummy.

In Music Mode, there are 6 different styles including an impressive Yodel. The other ones are Jazz, Opera,

And last but not least, the hot favourite in the house – Record Mode. Press the ear and speak and it will record your voice to play it back again. This is the coolest bit and the children have loads of fun saying things to each other through the doll.


The doll, like all other Spinmaster toys, is of a really good quality and Aeryn has it with her most often. It sleeps on her bed too. Yes, it does come with an on/off switch which ensures that it can’t go off at night.

The doll is priced at £29.99 but do have a look around as there are some good deals on which bring it down to £19.99

We have the pink one but it is also available in Teal and Purple so there’s one for everyone.

Again, this is a top toy for Christmas and deserving of our Elves’ Stamp.


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