Breville’s Perfect Fit for Warburtons Toaster Review

Though toast maybe the easiest to have for breakfast, I have found it difficult in the past to get it right. Either it’s not done well enough or I have the smoke alarm going off.

Another thing that used to irritate me was that I could never get the top of the bread done in the first go. I always had to turn the bread upside down and toast it. You do know what I mean don’t you?

Well, no more. I have finally found a toaster that toasts the entire slice of bread.


Breville has partnered with Warburtons to produce a toaster that fits perfectly with the Warburtons Toastie bread as well as other Warburton loaves and we were sent the Breville’s The Perfect Fit with Warburtons 4 slice Toaster to review.

This is perfect for me as we have the Warburtons Farmhouse loaf at home and as I mentioned I had a hard time getting it perfectly done.


The Breville toaster is stylish to look at. It is silver in colour and has 3 illuminated control buttons down the middle and a browning control dial.

Variable width bread slots ensure that you can toast bread, bagels, crumpets and thicker slices of toast. The high lift feature allows you to toast even smaller products like bagels without burning your fingers.


I just love the ‘Lift and Look’ feature as it allows you to look at the toast and see whether it has reached the level of ‘toastiness’ while it is still toasting without stopping the toasting process.

There is also a cancel and defrost function and removable crumb trays.

If the bread doesn’t toast to the top, I found that you can turn the bread around and then it will be perfect. I found that this was not possible with other toasters.


Since we achieve perfect toast with each turn, we now have a larger canvas to get creative in the kitchen. With 3 kids, they really don’t want cheese on toast every day, or jam or peanut butter or nutella. All you need do is make a face on the toast or cut it into shapes and they think they are having something different everyday.

It also helps if they get involved as they eat it better.

Here’s what we created –


And as an extra-special treat –

20150516_090824_resized (1)

The 4-slice toaster is priced at £59.99 and the 2-slice version is priced at £34.99

We make use of our toaster everyday and it is lovely to be able to have perfect, crunchy toast everytime.

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