Breakfast recipes for kids

Getting up in the morning, there are a number of things moving around in your mind. One of them is feeding your kids with breakfast. If you are looking for the quick-make breakfast items, here are a few you can try:

1. Yummy Yog-nola: If you have half cup of plain yogurt, quarter cup of Granola and one tablespoon of maple syrup, you can delight your kid with a tasty dessert to give them the necessary boost in the morning. This way, they will start their day with a dose of calcium and you will have sufficient time for other things. To make it even better, instead of granola, use random dry fruits.
2. ‘Bagel’icious Cheese treat: If your kid loves graphic stuff, this will be a cute breakfast item for him. Take a bagel and split it into half. Apply about 4 ounces of cream cheese to it. Now, you need to show off your creative side. You can draw a face, letters, anything. Use tomato, cucumber, spices, or leafy vegetables and make something out of it. A quickie is to make a face with cucumber. Looks cool and is really quick. This again is a simple recipe where you don’t have to work hard.
3. Cheesy Egg with Ham: To make breakfast for at least two kids, you need this. It requires a dozen eggs, one and a half cup diced ham, and shredded cheddar with other ingredients (in small quantity) like unsalted butter, milk/ water and ground black pepper. If you have these ingredients ready, you will be done with a tasty morning meal for your kids. Something they will enjoy and it will be a stomach fuller too.
4. Chocolate Croissant: If you have tube crescent rolls and semisweet chocolate at home, there is nothing better than a chocolate croissant. It takes around 20 minutes but can keep your kids happy.
5. Egg-berry-gurt: Yet another tasty quick mix is of yogurt, berries and eggs. Adding some spice will make it only better. If you can have whole-wheat bread by your side, your kids will love it. A delicious mix, it is a well-balanced meal. This meal can be prepared best on a cast-iron skillet. So, if you are looking to buy one for yourself, here is a promo codes sears to get you an additional discount on your purchased items.
6. Salsa and Cheese on the Eggy Tortilla: Yet another eddy delight is here. With this Mexican Mix, you will make your kids a healthy breakfast in less than ten minutes. However, tortilla chips here should be crushed. It will feel better and the quantity will even look good enough. Here, you will need to perform this activity on a non-stick skillet so that you don’t end up with a taste-less treat. If you are looking to buy one for yourself, here is a sears coupon to get it at a discounted price.
So, these delicious options should help you ease your morning chores and make a healthy quick breakfast for your kids.


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