Boston Marathon Tragedy – impact on little minds


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected by the Boston tragedy.

How do you explain to a little child what terrorism is without destroying her faith in goodness?

My little 8 year old daughter was watching the news about the Boston Marathon tragedy with us and she was horrified. Can we keep her away from the horrors of the world? I wish we could but everyday that we turn on the news all we hear is about killing and murders and crime.


She was most sympathetic when we discussed the story of the little boy who died, whose mother is suffering from brain damage and whose sister lost both her legs.

‘What will the daddy do now?’That was her first question.

‘How will the little girl play?’

‘Why do people do these things?’

‘Don’t they know its bad?’ Well, yes they know its bad and still do it.

‘But why?’ she insisted. To this I had no answer.

She went on to ask if this can happen anywhere in the world? All I did was change the topic to happier ones. Did I do the right thing? I don’t know but somehow I could not bring myself to say the words to her – Yes, it CAN happen anywhere.

Terrorism is a crime of the worst degree. It affects not only people who are directly affected by the atrocity but also indirectly affects people far and near psychologically.

Our children are growing up in fear of life and we can do nothing about it?

And then I told her about the man who helped a complete stranger and the hundreds of other people who were rushing to hospitals to help out to remind her that the world is not all bad.

But from now on each time I think of the people of Boston, I will hug my own children just that little bit closer.

I will bring them up in an environment of love so that they will be secure at home if not outside.

I will try to inspire them to be good people so that they do not add even in a small way to the ‘badness’ in the world.

And instead of her constantly hearing about death, I will instil in her a love for life by showing her the beauty around and telling her stories about the people who live doing little acts of kindness everyday.

And hopefully restore her trust in living.


(Photo from Time for kids)

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