The Book of Everyone – Review

I had heard of The Book of Everyone and was curious to know how it works. When I was approached to review it as well as the new Wise Words books, I couldn’t wait to get started.

I created two books which I will be giving Jadyn on her 13th birthday. I’m really lucky that I was approached now as its all fallen so well in place.

The Book of Everyone

This is a book that is special to a person’s birthday so you start by filling in the date of birth and the gender and you get creating. Some areas of the book cannot be personalised but there are parts that have an ‘EDIT’ tab where you can edit the information to suit. It thus becomes a personalised book.


I loved the little snippets of information from the year in which one is born like how much shopping for things like petrol etc cost. And it also gives you the Chinese zodiac you belong to as well as music of the time etc. It even allowed me to make a newspaper clip and I was able to upload a picture. Just lovely.


Wise(ish) Words

This is a new addition to site. It is aimed at younger people (children) but it could work even for friends. I thought this would be perfect for Jadyn as it contains a whole book of wise quotes. And with the wisdom are some cheeky words that are sure to bring a smile to her face.


The book contains words I chose to be most relevant to her and I hope that she will always remember some of the choice sayings that I’ve put in.


While there are wise saying you can choose, there are also edit options where you can actually get some of your own wise words penned down.


You create an account and then create and save a book so you can go back at any time to finish and order it.

I think these books make lovely gifts as they are so personal and make beautiful keepsakes.

If you’d like to create a book like this, visit

One for my Christmas Gift Inspiration for sure –



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