Boo! Pumpkin Carving with Asda

We’re always up to a challenge and when it involves carving pumpkins and a Halloween treat as a prize, we’ll never say ‘no’!


Asda sent us some pretty cool carving kits to make give them a good scare and we’re hoping that we’ve succeeded.


First up is this rather cool Fire’s Friend which Jadyn carved all on her own and she’s pretty proud of it. We had the cool stencil from the Petrifying Party Kit which also had some great tools to help us carve the perfect pumpkin.



Ethan has some help from yours truly and carved this Ghost Pumpkin



And lastly Aeryn had a lot of help with her cute pumpkin face (the one on the top of course).



We had loads of fun carving the pumpkins and we hope to celebrating even more with the big ASDA prize tomorrow. If you’ve still to carve your own pumpkin, head over to Asda for your carving kits.

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