Bonnie and Babies join us too – #Adoptananimagic

I now have 2 dogs – Cuddles and Fluffy and a rabbit –Holly but the children are still wanting more and when they saw Bonnie and her two babies, they went berserk and would not stop till we adopted her too.

Now I think a home with three children, 5 dogs and a rabbit are a bit much but then…

Last week we brought Bonnie and her two puppies home. They have been named Connie and Ronnie (one is a girl and the other, a boy) and I have to say they are adorable.

Bonnie and babies meet Cuddles, Fluffy and Holly

22 November

Bonnie was introduced to Cuddles, Fluffy and Holly. I think they got on pretty well as there were a lot barks and squeaks.

23 November

Bonnie is very protective about her puppies and is ensures that she is always around them. We put little plates of milk on the floor and Connie and Ronnie lap the milk up in seconds.

24 November

Today, we had Ethan’s friend over from school and he enjoyed playing with the puppies. I think Cuddles got a bit jealous.


25 November

It was Bonnie and her babies’ turn to do the school run today and they walked perfectly well beside the pushchair. I must say she has trained her babies really well.

26 November

One of the puppies was a little ill today and kept crying out. Bonnie was most upset and so were my children. I think it was a tummy ache so we called the vet and got some medicine to make her better. She hated taking the medicine but we gave it to her with her milk and in no time she was fighting fit.


27 November

Today Ethan was unwell so he didn’t go to school. He was happy to have Ronnie and Connie for company.


28 November

Bonnie and her babies have settled in so well. I am happy I listened to the children and brought her home too.


Bonnie and Babies Go Walkies is another winner from the Animagic range from Vivid Toys. It has a ‘mummy dog’ and two babies. They are on wheels and attach to the Bonnie’s lead so they can go ‘walking’ together.

It was slightly difficult for the children to attach the leads to the main lead at first but once they got the hang of it, it was fine and they spent a lot of time playing with Bonnie and babies.

Bonnie barks and the lead also lights up. This set  is really sweet and is something that will be loved by any child.

It is priced at £29.99 and is available at all major toy retailers.

Disclosure: I received the above toy to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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