Blu Blu, the Baby Dolphin from Club Petz – Review

I remember Jadyn asking for Blu Blu some years back – well, that’s an exaggeration. Possibly it was a year back. Somehow, the moment passed and when I went to look for it for her birthday, I just couldn’t find it.

Fast track to last month, and we had the most wonderful opportunity – to review Blu Blu.


Who’s Blu Blu? A Blue dolphin of course.

Although to be honest, it is quite a special dolphin.

As a start, she is a good size – to hug and to play with. It has these lovely eyes and eyelids that she bats so adorably.

Blu Blu can move her mouth and make different sounds when you stroke her. She has sensors on her flipper and her head.


She comes with a fish and a dummy (she is a baby after all) and she makes eating noises when you give her the fish and sucking noises when you put the dummy in her mouth.

4 AA batteries are required for the toy but these are on the underside of her belly and are easily replaced. It does not make any difference to her hug meter. She is still by and large a soft toy and is firmly tucked up in Jadyn’s bed at night.

There is also an on/off switch so you can save on batteries when you are not playing with her. It also ensures that you don’t switch her on by mistake at night – because lets face it, she is going to land up in your bed.


The dolphin is priced at £49.99 although there are lots of deals available where you can get it for less.

Blu Blu is part of the Club Petz range from IMC and there are some new pets available too like Yo Yo the Panda and Kao Kao the Koala.


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