Bingo Calls Videos from Costa Bingo

Bingo Calls videos from Costa Bingo celebrate one of my favourite treats: a cup of tea!

A cup of tea is a simple pleasure – something that many of us proudly consider the perfect elixir to sooth any feeling and fit any situation … so it’s hardly surprising that I found my favourite treat pop up in an unlikely place!

This great video from Costa Bingo – Number Three: Time for Tea – showcases the humble cup of tea in all its glory. Part of the brand’s Bingo Calls campaign it is one of a series of videos that see our favourite bingo calls acted out in perfection. It’s only a simple video, but it makes me smile.

Well, they do say it’s the simplest things in life which often have the most significant impacts after all!

Using bloggers like me to create the videos, it’s a great campaign that really celebrates the fun of the game and the quirky nature of bingo calls.

You can view all the bingo calls videos and plenty of other great content on the YouTube Channel for Costa Bingo.


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