Bin the Booster Campaign By Britax

You may have heard about the ‘Bin the Booster’ campaign by Britax. As a Britax Mumbasssador, I would love to say that I endorse the campaign. As a mother, I welcome the idea.

I know that a child requires a car seat until they reach the height of 135 cms and very often at around 4 years of age most parent decide to bin the car seat in favour of a booster.

I haven’t ever used a booster.

Why? I simply feel it’s most uncomfortable and unsafe.

I did try a booster in a friend’s car but my daughter fell asleep and had her head at a very alarming angle. Idecided right then that I would carry on using the child car seat until they were ready to sit in the adult seat.

I use the adult seat belt of course, but I always feel it so much safer because the wings on the seat safeguard side impact.

To get parents’ full attention and highlight the true danger of booster cushions, Britax has released some alarming footage filmed at their crash test centre in Andover. It captures the safety performance of a booster cushion vs a highback booster seat in the event of a frontal collision. The footage sees the child sized dummy in the booster cushion instantly thrown forward upon impact. Viewers are able to witness from a range of angles that the upper belt is kept in place on the highback booster thanks to the upper belt guide, whereas the dummy on the booster cushion frees itself from the upper belt. Even in this frontal collision, the dummy in the booster cushion is flung towards the side of the car, dangerously hitting its head on the side of the vehicle at speed, as opposed to the highback booster, which sees the dummy stay more supported with head and upper body containment thanks to its side wings and headrest.

The video can be quite scary when you think of it, and I am mighty glad that I have binned my booster. Oh wait, I never had one to begin with. 🙂

My two younger ones aged 6 and 4 have Britax Advansafix seats and I am pleased that I am taking steps to ensure that they are well protected when travelling by car.


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