Big Energy Savings Week – Our Tips On How We Save Energy At Home #BESW14

With costs rising, I always look out for deals be it with the bills and shopping. It is quite difficult to stick to a budget as with three children there is always something they need.

I think it is the energy costs that are the most expensive and with the arrival of winter these can escalate quite quickly when we turn on the central heating.

There are a few things that we do to try and curtail these big bills –

1. We don’t swtich the heating on until the 1st of October (this year of course, with the weather being warmer, we are still managing to have it off)

2. I make sure the doors to the rooms are shut so we can conserve the heat.

3. Our thermostat is never kept turned high.

4. And lastly, I never have the heating on constantly. I adjust the timer to come on so the house is heated when we need it.

This year, during Energy Savings Week and thereafter,  I am also going to look at implementing a NoTelly Happy Hour every evening so that we can make a small change in the energy costs as well as spend the time playing board games or reading together. So it’s a win-win situation.

We may not save very much but with the money we do save, I will be booking tickets for the Pantomime at Christmas as the children really enjoyed last year.

It’s Big Energy Savings Week (20th – 24th October) and if you would like some tips on how to save energy do head over to Netmums where there is a wealth of information on how to do this. Netmums has teamed up with British Gas to show you how to save energy so you can use the money saved towards a treat. It is coming up to Christmas after all!

As mentioned earlier, we normally keep the heating to come on at specific times. I have always been a bit confused about this as many people have mentioned that it is better to keep the heating on constantly as each time it comes on there is a surge in electricity with causes more expenditure.

I posed this question to a British Gas Engineer and here is the answer –

Does switching the boiler off and on ( as in using a timer to come on) save energy? Or is it better to leave it on constantly and regulate it with the thermostat?

It does. With modern boilers on the correct settings, you should be able to heat a house from cold to 18°C in 20-30 minutes. After this initial 20 minutes the boiler will only be brought back on once you drop under 18°C (Or whatever the room thermostat is set to). If you were to leave the heating on constantly, even at a lower temperature, the thermostat will still be bringing on the heating when you are not there. This happens more as the outside temperature drops, so overnight the boiler starts working more to maintain the level temp in the house using more and more gas. So it is better to set the timer for about 30 mins before you need the heat – leave the thermostat up and just use the 20-30 mins of gas to get the property back up to temp, rather than use gas all through the night when it is generally not needed (Plus you wake up/get in to a warmer house).

What do you do to save energy in your home? Are you doing anything to conserve energy for Big Energy Savings Week? Leave a comment below as I would love to know.

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