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You know how in the ‘olden days’ you would look through a phone directory to find local services? And then, we had the yellow pages.

Thank goodness all that’s changed and we now have everything at hand at the touch of a button – well, a few buttons anyway.


The other day, I was looking for gardening services in the area and was lucky to come across the Bidvine website. I found that this site was really easy to use and I really liked the concept.

Once I typed in what I was looking for, I was asked further questions so that my search was narrowed down to just what I required. This is helpful as I will have the right people contact me for the services I require.


So, how Bidvine works is that you search the services you require. Then you answer questions to streamline those services and Bidvine does the work.

You then have 5 professionals contact you with custom quotes.  You can specify when you require the services and accordingly receive a quote within a given time frame. Since I specified that I was flexible in this instance, I received a message giving me a 3-days time frame,



You can then contact them directly or through Bidvine if you have more questions. When you are ready to hire them, you can do so directly and pay them directly too.

A pretty simple concept – this saves a lot of time. I didn’t have to search through millions of links to gardeners and find a suitable one. I was able to choose to cancel the request if I so wished and the part I liked best was the suggestions that came up for other services in my area. Very tempted to learn the guitar now.


I have since been back to Bivine to look for singing lessons for my daughter as well as guitar lessons for my son.

The quotes for my service were pretty competitive and I was happy with the choice.

I know I’m definitely going to be using the site much more in the future.

Written in collaboration with Bidvine

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