Betty Spaghetty Review

I remember Betty Spaghetty from old. What fun then that I could introduce her to my children.

BET02000 Betty Spaghetty Deluxe Mix & Match Contents-2

We were sent the Betty Spaghetty set of dolls that contains 3 dolls. They came on the day we were leaving for our holidays and I decided to unpack them and take them along with us. What a great idea that was as the girls never stopped playing with them.

If you don’t know the concept behind Betty Spaghetty – they are dolls that come with spaghetti like hair that you can braid or style with the accessories provided. What’s more is that the dolls can be taken apart and put together again and with the 3 doll set you can switch them around. So you can have different clothes or shoes or hairstyles.


Each part clicks in easily and in spite of this there is nothing loose about them. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Like when you buy a product that has parts that can be interchanged and you keep changing them and then you find that the legs and hands fall off because they get loose? Well, I’m really happy to tell you that this is NOT the case with Betty Spaghetty. Her hands and legs  and clothes and shoes have been changed many times but it’s still fits perfectly.


The set also comes with some styling accessories like hair bands and clips and little beads that you add to their hair to make them even more fun.


The dolls are really cute and they each comes in a sweet outfit. You can change their entire look by rearranging their body parts and their clothes and shoes.

Jadyn and Aeryn have been enjoying braiding their hair and then watching it curl up.

As mentioned they are perfect for taking on holiday too as they are not very large but at the same time provide loads of playing time. Aeryn spent a lot of time playing with the dolls on the plane.

A bit shaky - we did have a bit of turbulence!
A bit shaky – we did have a bit of turbulence!

This Betty Spaghetti Deluxe Mix and Match pack from Flair is priced at £29.99 and is very good value for money as if you count all the parts, there are over 55 bits and pieces.

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