#BetterWithCake – Isn’t Everything?

Let’s face it – we all love cake. We can’t resist cake. And then, why should we.



Cakes make us happy and it has a scientifc theory behind it. Sugar (sucrose) increases the endorphins that boost mood and give us a ‘high’. Endorphins actually interact with cell receptors in the brain to block out pain and increase pleasure or satisfaction. There are other things that also increase endorphins but we’ll leave that for now. If you don’t know and would like to know, DM me or of course Google it. 😉


Back to cake – the reasons above obviously give us that ‘high’ when we eat cake. Imagine sinking your teeth into a delicious, moist, chewy brownie. I feel good just thinking about it.

That’s why there is cake at every celebration – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.


One thing that is a must on every holiday is cake. We carry cake in the car for the journey and we have a lot of it during the holidays.

We went to Cornwall during the Easter break and it was absolutely brilliant. The weather gods smiled on us and we had lovely weather throughout. We saw some beautiful places, stayed in a comfortable villa and even saw dolphins whilst on our sea safari.

And yes, we had cake.



To test if things were truly better with cake, we were sent some goodies from Mr Kipling – French Fancies, Vienese Whirls and Cherry Bakewell Tarts. These cakes are a big hit with the children (and their mother) and we buy them quite often as part of our weekly shop. The children love the French Fancies. I think they are lovely for parties too as they look lovely served out. They taste yummy.


The Vienese Whirls are melt in the mouth delicious and who can resist a cherry bakewell tart?

I find Mr Kipling’s products to be very tasty and we enjoy eating them as a snack, a treat or dessert. I love the Angel slices too.

All three children have a sweet tooth as do Hubs and myself.


Here’s a little poem about cakes – possibly one of the sweetest I’ve written. 🙂


 Everything’s better with cake we know

It can shift one’s mood to high from low

It may be a doughnut or a frosty confection

Let’s face it, it helps lift the mood, on reflection.

It may be an eclair or Vienese Whirl

A traybake, a cupcake with an icing swirl,

A French fancy that’s chocolate or strawberry

Or a bakewell tart that’s topped with a cherry

A novelty cake for a special occasion

A cake with candles for birthday celebrations

Cakes made at home or bought from a store

All are welcome, we always want more.




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