#BeSuper with Barbie on National Super Hero Day

Today is National Super Hero Day and it is not all about ‘Super heroes’. It’s about the super heroes like you and me who give their all each and every day.

I believe that within every one there is a super hero that can make this world a better place.


Barbie has pulled on a cape this year in ‘Princess Power’ to inspire girls to #BeSuper.

Barbie wanted to find out what girls really thought about superheroes and in a recent nationwide survey1 girls revealed just how they would imagine themselves as a Superhero and what they expect of one today. Key findings include:

  •  Girls aspired to be a superhero.
  •  Girls “wish there were more superheroes for girls.” Nearly 9 out of 10 girls totally or somewhat agree with the statement.
  • Girls want to fly. In the UK flight is the #1 superpower that girls would want if they were a superhero. Invisibility, super speed, and super strength also rise to the top.
  •  Girls don’t want to choose. More than half of girls disagree with the statement that “superheroes are more fun than princesses.”
  • Girls expect Barbie to do the same things that they would want to do if they were superheroes. They see Barbie flying, beating bad guys, but also helping people and animals while wearing something sparkly.

I like to thing that all my 3 children are Super Heroes as they always rise to the occasion when called upon to do so. It is not the flying or the super powers that are important but the little every day things that make them super like caring for each other, sharing, putting their brother or sister before themselves and generally supporting each other. I like how my older two make it a point to go and say hi to the little one in Nursery everyday, especially when she had a period when she cried to go to school.

I like how Jadyn always asks her siblings which pastry they want and then chooses hers.

I love how Ethan allows Aeryn to be his favourite super hero when they are playing together even though he loves being him.

These are their #BeSuper moments and I am happy that this happens often.

We are also going to be hosting a lovely #BeSuper Party later today so so keep an eye out for all those tweets on Twitter and my party update later today, In the meantime – #BeSuper.

Disclaimer: I was sent a party pack to host a #BeSuper Party. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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