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We all love travels. They give us positive emotions, new experience, and happy moments. However, during preparation for our trips, we face many problems that are necessary to solve properly. It is easier with visas. For instance, if you are going to India, it is obvious that you should just learn the information about an India e-visa and apply for it. It is easy. Tickets are also not the most important part, because you can find popular low-cost or expensive airlines to be satisfied. When it is time to choose a hotel, you are confused. There are so many hotels in the world, but you want to book the best one, which will be suitable for you and your family. The most important thing is the comfort of this hotel, as you are going to live there for some time.

Here you can explore the best world hotels –

 Capella Singapore

The best hotel to stay in Singapore is Capella Singapore.It is located on Sentosa Island, just a 15-minute taxi ride south of the city center. The 112-bed hotel allows you to feel like a luxury resort away from the usual civilization. The elegant colonial-style building is reminiscent of a work of art, and there are three swimming pools overlooking the South China Sea. What can be more amazing? 


Landmark Mandarin Oriental

The best gourmet hotel in Hong Kongis called the Landmark Mandarin Oriental. In the center of the metropolis, one of the 113 rooms, located inside a huge skyscraper, is waiting for travelers. Its main attraction is the restaurant, the interior of which has elements of amber and gold. Local chef Richard Ekkebus is considered one of the finest masters of French cuisine in the region. Being in Hong Kong, do not forget to stay in this hotel.


Desert Palm

The best hotel for sports lovers is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Desert Palmis called the” brother” of the Maldivian Huvafen Fushi. This Italian-Arab hotel is ideal for tennis, water polo, and horse riding. All of these sports can be practiced just before relaxing Spa treatments. So, if you want to combine you passive relax with the sport, this hotel is right for you.


The Siam

The best hotel near the water is in the Gulf of Thailand, in Bangkok. The title of it is very simple – the Siam. The hotel is located in an elite area of the metropolis and is able to please visitors with a huge swimming pool, 39 boudoirs, amazing Thai cuisine, gym, and Spa. Here you can enjoy whatever you want.


Villa Samadhi

The best hotel in Malaysia is located in Kuala Lumpur and is called Villa Samadhi. Its guests are promised complete alienation from civilization and a range of relaxing procedures. 21 rooms are located around a huge central pool. The on-site restaurant serves Malay and Italian cuisine. You are welcome to this place with your family or friends.


Dean Street Townhouse

Those who like to have fun and spend time in noisy companies during their stay in London can settle in a luxurious Dean Street Townhouse. The hotel is located right in the middle of a huge number of bars, restaurants, theaters, clubs, art galleries and museums. There are only 39 rooms, so it is better to book one of them in advance. At a distance of several tens of meters from the institution, there are museums where you can see firsthand the best works of Hirst, Emin, and other outstanding artists. So, if your soul is striving something crazy, this hotel will be a perfect choice for your holiday.


Petit Ermitage

The most romantic hotel in the world is located in Los Angeles. Petit Ermitage is situated near Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood and is literally filled with the romance of this city. On the roof of the hotel, you can dine in the open air, watch the sunset from a great height or drink Mojito next to the fireplace, which works right on the street. Inside the hotel, there are 80 rooms, each of which is one example of modern art. It is a good place for celebrating St. Valentine’s Day or some special romantic events.


Modern Honolulu

The world’s best hotel for surfers is called Modern Honolulu. Itis located in Hawaii, the USA. The modern boutique hotel consists of 353 bright, white-painted rooms. In all premises of an institution, there are some boards for surfing. Plus, there is a large Spa and two swimming pools. If you have dreamed of taking up surfing for a long time, it is high time to realize your dream, especially in such a wonderful place.



For lovers of intimate entertainment in New Zealand, there was built the Hotel DeBrett. A small hotel with 25 rooms is located in close proximity to all the best bars and shops in Auckland. In each of its room, guests are pleased with a large number of striped rugs, retro furniture and unique beds that are more suitable for sex than for sleep. The ideal place for a couple of lovers.



The hotel Americanoin New York City is considered as the best haven for hipsters. Each of the 56 rooms available in the hotel is designed for fans of modern fashion and has a unique youth interior with low beds. On the roof of the hotel, in the center of a huge metropolis, there is a swimming pool and a bar. So, if you are crazy about modern things, enjoy this hotel.


The Tai Mahal Tower Mumbai

This hotel is situated in Colaba region in Mumbai. It is located close to famous sightseeing, big shopping centers, and fascinating restaurants. 565 rooms of the hotel can offer you all necessary for your comfortable stay. 7 restaurants have a wide range of Hindu and international cousin. The fitness center is open to all sports lovers, and outside, you can enjoy swimming in a swimming pool. If you want to have a real relaxation, Spa welcomes you every day. If you have received you India e-visa, but do not know what hotel to choose, your problem has been already solved.


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