Best Careers and Jobs for Working Mums


It is difficult for new moms with younger children to find the right kind of jobs, but just because you have a newborn does not mean that you have to put your career on hold. There are a good amount of jobs with stable pay that offer more flexible hours for moms. Jobraprido for example, is a great resource that can help your search for jobs in the UK from Manchester to London to find that perfect job for you. Here are the top 5 jobs that will accommodate your new life as a mom.

Freelance writing is a very flexible career that will work with your schedule. If you have good writing and research skills, you can produce web content, travel guides, and articles all from the comfort of your own home. It allows you to choose your own schedule and be able to take care of your children at the same time. There are numerous content writing websites all around the world who will pay you well to write.

If you were formerly an assistant or secretary now you can become a virtual assistant. Many companies outsource their jobs to be done online. You will be scheduling meetings, travel plans, answering phone calls, and writing emails all remotely. You can do this from home and get great office experience to add to your CV.

With your young children you are already well versed in childcare so it only makes sense to become a childcare specialist. You can watch kids at your own home or a child’s home and get paid very well. The hours are flexible and you have time left over to take care of your own family.

If design is your passion and you enjoy decorating your own home, give interior design a try. Training is preferred but not necessary and the schedule is very flexible. You can build a client base right from home and begin designing homes or offices. You will want to build your own website, market your skills and find new work. The best part about this is that it can be done right from your computer. Anyone with the right tools can start an interior design business remotely and make a very successful career out of it!

Catering is another great job for new moms. You can cook from home and deliver your amazing food to events. There is a big demand for this type of work and you can create a legitimate business out of it. Be sure to adhere to the food and hygiene laws and you will be able to showcase your cooking skills in no time at all.

Finding a new job as a mom with young children can be easy with the right help.

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