Ben and Holly Magical Playground Playsets – A Review

I recently review the Ben and Holly Thistle Castle Playset and as you would know it was a big hit.

I was then sent these adorable playground playsets from the same range from Character.


Ben and Holly Magical Playground Playset – Slide with Holly


Ben and Holly Magical Playground Playset  – Roundabout with Holly

Now, if you notice both the playsets have something ‘magical’ about them – once you start playing with them, you can’t stop!

The Slide is really sweet. It is really a leaf for Holly to slide down. I love the bright yellow flower beside it.


The Roundabout is rather cute too. There are 3 lily-pads on a little pond. We love the pebble detail all around the pond. The roundabout turns round and you can also tun the individual little lily-pads round too. Holly can play on it by fixing her on the little lily-pad with the help of the attachment.


Both of them have a little mushroom that’s really cute.

The colours are vivid and attractive to children.  And there is a lot of attention to detail to keep it similar to the television show.


The great thing about the sets is that they can be connected to other playsets in the same range. They can connect to each other and can also connect to the Thistle castle playset.


Each set comes with a Holly figure too which is great.


Of course they can also be played with individually as well.

We loved these toys as they make for a lot of fun playtime. Aeryn loves playing with the set and humming the Ben and Holly song.

I like that these sets can also be used as great topics for conversations about the playground and colours.


Other figures are also available in the range so I know I shall soon be adding Ben and the rest of the little kingdom to the sets.

The sets are priced £9.99 and are available at all major retailers. They are of a good quality as one associates with Character.

Here is a video of the entire Ben and Holly range from Character.


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