Ben 10 Four Arms Light Up Figure Review

Ben 10 is a huge hit in our home and we’ve recently been really happy to take part in a Ben 10 Twitter party where we got to play with a lot of new Ben 10 toys.

This time round we were sent this Ben 10 Action figure that lights up and makes sounds.

The Ben 10 action figures are normally played with a lot and they are used to create some awesome play scenes. This one which has special powers seems to be more interesting.

We were sent Four Arms and unfortunately I’m at a loss keeping up with all these figures so I don’t know of his special powers. But Ethan does.

Four Arms can lift several times his weight and punch through materials easily. He can throw heavy objects several feet away. He can also bit metal. He creates shockwaves by clapping all four of his hands together or slamming his fists on the ground. By clapping two of his arms, he can set aside gas, dust or any air-traveling menace that could hurt him. He can also jump several times his own height.

Those are some pretty awesome powers.

The figure is quite amazing too. When you press the button on the back of the figure it starts to light up and as you keep pressing it charges up more till the arms are lit up and Four Arms makes a ‘powering up’ sound.

The figure is priced at about £17.99 and is available in all major stores.

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