Believe…with the Irish fairy Door Company

Fairies – do you believe?  I mean do you really believe in fairies?

We do.
We all live in an imaginary world sometimes don’t we? And for children  there is more an imaginary world than the one they live in. It’s a world filled with fairies, superheroes, castles and super powers. A world where anything is possible and nothing is not.
It’s an ideal world – a utopia. And I believe that as long as they can find one I’ll help them live in it.
My first step was to ask to review this gorgeous fairy door from the Irish Fairy Door Company.

It’s a lovely red little door complete with stepping stones and came with some decals for the wall or surface you want to put it on. The door is well made and is wooden so it looks like a miniature door that you see in all fairy stories. I chose a red door.

We stuck on our fairy door and then went online to interact with our fairy. We thought our fairy needs to have a suitable name so she’s called Petal. There’s lots more that you can do online with the fairy like get the house rules for your fairy.

We left the key out for the fairy to pick up and she did.


We’re hoping that our fairy comes and visits soon. Till then, I’m sure she’ll be leaving little bits and pieces to let us know that she’s around.

The little one also loves leaving notes for the fairy on the little fairy note pad that came with the door.


You can also visit Magical Matters to get access to more magic.

There are loads of accessories that you can find online too to make the fairy house a home. You can get seasonal decals for the fairy house as well. We had Christmas stickers to decorate around the fairy door.

Will the fairy come visit our elf?

We really love this idea and the product and would recommend it highly. It is priced at £29.99

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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