Beechdean SpongeBob and Dora Ice Cream Review

With the summer being as it is, we have indulged in ice lollies and ice creams to the full. Needless to say that even with summer seemingly coming to an end, we shall still be indulging in ice creams as we are all a bit ice cream crazy in our home.

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To be given an opportunity to review ice creams is one greatly received by everyone at our home. So, on Friday (yes, the day the weather was anything but summery) we received some Beechdean SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer ice lollies and mini ice cream tubs to review. Yummy!

First impressions – these come very brightly packaged with pictures of Dora and SpongeBob – very eye catching in the ice cream aisle.


The children could not wait to try them but I managed to fend the two little ones off until Jadyn came back from school. Unfortunately the little fell asleep on the way back so she missed the lolly.

Ethan and Jadyn enjoyed the ice creams. You can see that by their pictures! I had to sample them as well and both flavours are refreshing. I have never seen strawberry push up lollies so this was a first for us and it tasted great.

They also tried the individual cups and the elder two tried the chocolate while Aeryn tried out the strawberry. Mummy of course, had healthy spoonfuls from each one. The next day, we tried out the vanilla too.


The ice creams were creamy and very tasty. The mini tubs are also bright and attractive and will definitely stand out in the freezers in the ice cream aisle.

All the products are free from artificial colourings, flavours and additives and this is very clear from the taste. They are also suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

So go on – get yourself one of them to try out. On the other hand, you may need more than one – they are just so delicious!

 Disclaimer: I was sent some ice-creams to review. All opinions and ideas are entirely my own.



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