Bedtime Battles – I’m a Winner

Kids and bedtime – what is it with them that they feel tired all day (especially when it comes to putting thing away) but the moment you announce bedtime, they are perky and wide awake.

You try everything – bribes, threats even Santa doesn’t work.

All they want is 5 minutes more – on the iPad or on the telly.


Then they’re thirsty and need the toilet and hot and cold and all sorts of things.

The best one I’ve heard is I have to get ready for school! Yeah right – you don’t want to get ready for school at 8.30 when we’re runnjng out the door why would you want to get ready the night previous.

Netflix has come up with this pretty smart series which affords the children 5 minutes of a complete story so they think they’ve won when actually I’ve had the last laugh. Clever me! Clever Netflix really.

This week we see the launch of Dinotrux Favourites which will offer the children to see a complete episode that takes just 5 minutes.


It’s not time  for bed mum

I haven’t brushed my teeth

I haven’t brushed my hair

I haven’t washed my feet.

I need to save my game mum

Can we have a story please?

I think I’m hungry again mum

They lie with such ease.

I need to go downstairs mum

I didn’t kiss dad goodnight

I can’t find my favourite toy

I need to hug so tight

My room is just too hot mum

But now I’m a little cold

My sister’s not in bed mum

She’s not doing as she’s told.

Can I have a little cuddle then?

I like your bed so much more.

Can I lie with you for just some time?

Going to bed is such a bore.

Okay then just this one time

I smile and say to them

You can watch a whole episode

On Netflix with ‘5mm’.

They think they’ve won the round then

They shout and say hooray!

But I just smile a secret smile, 

Because I’ve won the day!

Thanks to the new Netflix show, I can fool the children into thinking that they are watching an entire show. No more bedtime battles. Yay!



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