#BEDM : Self-care

Self-care – what’s that?

It’s been that long that I’ve forgotten what it is.

Yes, I shower and brush my hair and sometimes slap on some make up (when I’m going to an event) but the rest of the time it’s pretty much the plain Jane me. It’s like this – when I’ve ‘dressed up’ some people have not recognised me.

It’s the clothes, the shoes, the hair, the face. I never seem to have time to look my best and it’s beginning to bug me.

When I was in college, I dressed with a sense of style, my hair shone, my nails were perfect and I would not step out without eye liner. Even after college, I was particular about my Self-care.

Then the kids came along and it all went downhill. I wore clothes that they could pull, wipe their baby drool on and even throw up onto. It was easy, it was comfortable.  It slowly became an excuse.

Today my Self-care routine consists of a shower, brushing my hair and leaving.  Sometimes I have enough time to get my contact lenses on.

In fact just recently my nail polish had chipped and it was days before I actually took it off. It was not really a lack of time. It’s more like it didn’t seem important. It looked awful so I have no idea why it wasn’t.

It’s become a habit and it’s one I’m beginning to resent.

Am I getting too complacent or just plain lazy at making an effort to look after myself?

I’ve never been to a spa or had my hair highlighted.

I’m hoping to make some changes and….soon.





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