#BEDM – Day 2 – Five of my favourite posts

Blog Every Day in May badgeDay 2 of #BEDM and I am so looking forward to writing everyday. Today I am allowed to write about 5 of my favourite posts. Well obviously, I think that all my posts are lovely. 😉

The first post –

A post I found so difficult to write as I replayed the trauma I went through –

The day I died…and lived to tell the tale

The second –

A poem to my Mum, on the first anniversary of her death. She was a lovely person, my inspiration for so many things as in her own quiet way, was a pillar of strength.

What’s it like in Heaven, Mum?

The third –

My son’s first day at school purely from my point of view. As difficult as it may be for a child to go to school for the first time, it can be as painful for a Mum. So here’s how I felt.

First day at school – A Mother’s View

The fourth –

And then of course, a letter to my girls. I hope in doing so they will come back to read my blog when they are older or when I am gone and they will know how much I love them.

My Darling Girls, Love Mummy

And last but not least –

One of my favourite poems written last year.

Out of the Darkness…comes the Light


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2 thoughts on “#BEDM – Day 2 – Five of my favourite posts

  1. Some lovely posts, you write so well. Your death experience is terrifying, must have been such a hard time for your family.
    My wee man started school last year, and my little lady is starting this September, couldn’t be more scared. Why do they have to grow up?

  2. I wrote a lovely long comment yesterday to this and the site flipped and lost it when I clicked post comment 🙁
    The jist was, you write lovely poems, I have read most all of your posts but missed your little boy starting school, bless him, it’s awful when you have to leave them on the first few days xx

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