#BEDM – Day 12 – Walk to Work

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Today is day 12 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge and the prompt is Walk to Work.

Well, I don’t walk to work as I don’t work in an office. I walk as part of my work, as part of my role as a Mum and I love this part of the day – the School Run.

Some days (okay most) the School Run is literally that – a run to school. But some days we take a half-leisurely stroll to school. Its about a 10 -15 minute walk and it is a lovely walk.

We walk  around the houses and talk about what we may be expecting to do the rest of the day. We also play spies and spot spy cars (all cars that are red maybe) or spies (as in people that are wearing red clothes)

Sometimes we pick some leaves or flowers on the way. We look up into the skies and decide whether there will be rain or sun.

This is the time that is part of the quality time we spend together. Sometimes, the three of them walk in front of me, holding hands and it is so sweet to see.

Of course, there are days when I don’t look forward to the school run at all – dreary days with rain falling down on us, days when I get up with a really heavy head or days when the children have driven me berserk by not getting ready on time.

This walk is one of my most favourite times of day – the walk back even better after I have dropped the elder two off at school and I know I can go home and relax after the hectic morning.

Do you enjoy the school run? Do you walk to work? I would love to know so leave a comment below.


One thought on “#BEDM – Day 12 – Walk to Work

  1. I used to love doing the school run with Tiff, that was before we lived 2 and a half miles from the school with no public transport.
    I remember when she was around Skye’s age maybe a little younger we used to walk down the brooks, it was a walk way by a brook and there were goats, ducks and a pony there, she used to love stroking the animals and taking an apple for the pony every morning.

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