#BEDM – Day 1 – What my blog is all about…

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I joined in the Blog every day of May challenge so that I could make more blogging friends, that’s not to say I don’t a have many already. Blogging is a wonderful job/pastime/hobby – call it what you like- you get to make friends with people whom you have never met and belong to a wonderful virtual community.

The #BEDM challenge is to well  – Blog Every Day in May where there is a topic to write about everyday, kind of a prompt.

Today the prompt is ‘What is your blog all about?’

To be honest, I can’t really say I have a niche. Maybe I haven’t found it or maybe I just have so many different things to write about.

I started a blog in April 2012 on blogger to write about books as I love reading, did a couple of reviews and posted few and far between. I then went self hosted in February 2013 when I actually began writing in earnest and I count start up more as that date.

I am married and have 3 children so my blog is mainly about my children. I would like them to remember the happy or maybe difficult times we spent together as they get older. Maybe you could say that my blog is about building a lifetime of memories.

I write about their growing up…so each birthday will see a letter to them from me. I also write about important days – first day of school, celebrations etc.

I post my own poems. 🙂

I work with a few charities and am looking to raise awareness of Placenta Percreta, which is quite a little known but serious malady of childbirth. I went through it – cardiac arrested in the operating theatre and was unconscious for 7 days and it was a traumatic time for our family which is why I want to work to making people aware of it so that they are more prepared for it. We were not!

Having children, there are definitely quite a few reviews. I am also an ambassador for a few brands like Nintendo, Britax, Panasonic and Koo-di which I am quite proud of as my blog is not too old.

I also post recipes of meals we love as well as baking especially with children.

I would like to write more original posts rather than reviews but don’t seem to find the time or sometimes I think of topics that I want to write about and then forget them. I really need to write them down as soon as I think of them. I would also like to write some really ranty posts as there are some people who really take the biscuit so you may see more of that soon.

I am looking forward through #BEDM to read more blogs and make many more blogging friends.

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