#BEDM – Blog because you want to not because you have to…

I have been rather erratically joining in with the Blog Every Day in May challenge simply because I just have so much to do on my blog. No excuse I know as some posts just take about 10 minutes to write.

Today – the 15th of May, the blog prompt is Blog Chat and I could not miss out on this one. Simply because there are so many things I love about blogging and I needed to air my views. Just kidding – am not going to be patronizing.

I began blogging about 2 years back but started off mainly as a book blog and reviewing a few things here and there. Then in February 2013, I went self-hosted and I have not looked back. I am proud and happy to say that my blog is doing well (if I may say so myself) and that is because I worked very hard (and still do) to get it there. I have also had a lot of help from several other bloggers who are always there to offer advice.

Someone who has played a big part in my blogging journey is fellow blogger Rachel who blogs over at StressedRach. She is an awesome person, always ready to help and someone that I can rant to. We have never met but I can happily say that we have become more than fellow bloggers – we are friends. I am very excited because we are going to meet for the first time at BritMums Live 2014 and I guess you will be seeing us together a lot as I am quite shy. Besides, we have so much to catch up with. The strangest thing is we share the same birthday!

It is so great to be a part of the blogging community. I have met so many lovely bloggers at awesome events, been in contact with wonderful PR people and have the privilege of being blogger ambassador for some really great brands.

I am now looking to make my blog grow so that I revive the creative streak in me.

My blog is my 4th child and I hope that in documenting all the important stuff (and even the not so important stuff) I will be making memories for my 3 children.

I must end with a tip to anyone who wants to blog –

Blog because you want to not because you have to…


One thought on “#BEDM – Blog because you want to not because you have to…

  1. I said the same thing on my blog post yesterday about being shy haha. We can both be shy together 🙂
    I think your tip is a good one. I feel that if you HAVE to blog it takes all the fun out of it and will eventually make you feel like not doing it at all.

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