Ravensburger Beauty and the Beast 100 piece XXL Glitter Puzzle Review

We’re very excited about Beauty and the Beast and have been since we first saw the trailer.

Obviously being excited about the film means we are also thrilled to be included in campaigns around the film. Since we also love puzzles, we were quite thrilled to be send this Beauty and the Beast XXL puzzle to review.

As we have come to expect from Ravensburger, the puzzle is of a great quality.

As truly befitting the film, there’s also glitter thrown in which adds a nice touch to it.

The puzzle is fairly easy to do for older children but for this aged 6+, it may be slightly challenging. I like this though as easy puzzles are never fun.

I love the message as well.

The pieces of the jigsaw are larger than others so it is easy for younger ones to hold.

It has 100 pieces and it would take about 30 – 1 hour to complete.

Like other puzzles from Ravensburger, each part fits uniquely into the other so you can’t really go wrong.

It features characters from the film – Beauty, the Beast, Chip, Mrs Potts, Cogsworth and Lumiere.

The puzzle is priced at about £8.99 and is available at major toy stores.

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