BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds Apart: A Review

I love the Worlds Apart products. They make every child’s room look so adorable and welcoming. The range is amazing and I know if I had to redecorate, it would be a very difficult choice.

I was approached by Worlds Apart to review this lovely little BearHug – My First Ready Bed and the moment I saw it online, I knew I, well, my daughter, had to have it.

It looked lovely online and when it arrived we were not disappointed.


The bed has a handy bag for storage and it was easy even for my little 3-year-old to carry. I was also pleased to find out that I didn’t have to struggle to put the deflated bed and pump.

The bed has a pump with it so you don’t need to get a pump separately.

It is easy to set up. All you need do is attach the pipe to the blue nozzle on the pump and then pump to inflate the mattress. It does take some time to do but it’s not difficult. Even my little one could manage to use the pump a bit.

The bed when pumped up is quite lovely. The mattress is firm and comfortable.


The sides at the top of the bed ensure that there will be no tumbles.

My little one loves the pocket at the side and she puts her books in and her little torch. 🙂

worlds apart

The colours are gender neutral.

The bed is lovely and you can be assured that your child is tucked up warm as the cover is attached on one side and you have to climb in. It’s like a sleeping bag but it has a mattress. When Aeryn is in it, she says that it’s like the teddy bear is hugging her. 🙂


The length is just right for a toddler as Aeryn is 3+ and she still fits comfortably in it with a little room to spare and she is just right for her age.

The best part is that the cover is removable and can be washed in the washing machine.  This is great for nights when there may be accidents.

The bed is very handy for camping, sleepovers at relative’s houses or even for holidays. Sometimes, children don’t adjust to hotel beds and having something familiar from home makes a world of difference.

In fact, just after we received the bed, Aeryn was unwell. The bed came in handy as she didn’t want to sleep on the sofa but in her bed which meant that I had to be there too as she was poorly and wanted me near. I got out the bed and she was happy to stay in the living room leaving me to get on with my work knowing I was near.

I think that this bed is also a great idea if you are having problems getting your toddler to adjust to sleeping in their own beds/room if you have had them in your room. You can keep them in the bed in your room and then transfer the bed to their room and then transition to their own beds.

And if you have ‘sleepovers’ like we do, then it is perfect for it.

I would definitely recommend this ready bed for toddlers.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.sclaimer: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own

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