Beados Toy Gem Designer Studio – Review

I remember Jadyn having a Beados set when she was younger but that was just a little one with a pen. She enjoyed making it then but this time round, she’s really enjoyed creating jewellery.

We were sent the Beados Toy Gem Designer Studio and both the girls had a lovely time making bracelets and rings and necklaces.

If you didn’t know – Beados are beads that can be joined with water so there is no messy glue to spoil the effect of the finished product.

The Designer Studio comes with a a little studio to hold your beads and an attached pen so that it makes it easy to place the beads on the template.


All you need to do is press the button on the top of the studio to release the required amount of beads and then place it on the tray according to the template. Then spray on the water with the handy spray bottle and wait for 30 minutes for the beads to dry and be joined.

beados 1


You need to attach the clasps once the beads are dried and to do this you need to attach the clasp and spray with water. Hold the clasp down for 10 seconds. Then leave to dry again.


Then use them to create your jewellery as instructed.



This product is perfect for creativity and allowing children to create some cool pieces of jewellery for themselves or to give to their friends.



Jadyn and Aeryn have both enjoyed making their creations and with there being no messy glue, I have been happy to let them get on with it.


Priced at £19.99, this set is ideal for a birthday gift and with the summer vacation around the corner, it would be great idea to get one to keep the kids busy at home.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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