Batman Air Hogs Batmobile RC Vehicle from Spinmaster – Review

Ethan was not really a Batman fan – until this.


The Air Hogs Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle from Spinmaster is an awesome toy both in it’s looks and working. It is the official movie replica so it looks exactly the same as the Batmobile. (I remember I quite liked the Batman movies).

The LED lights show the way you are moving and it does look rather lovely if you switch off the lights at night. Very like Gotham City.

It is of course controlled via remote but what we particularly liked about it is that it can be manoeuvred easily. There are some remote controlled vehicles that have been a nightmare to run. Thankfully, this one isn’t. In fact it glides so smoothly that one that almost mistake it to be flying in the air.


I love that it can be recharged so you don’t really need batteries except for the remote. It means that one can play with it longer without the worry of batteries.

The car is not very big but it’s not small either and it is perfect for smaller spaces. Quite often, I’ve had large RC cars which are an absolute nightmare to control.

All in all, we enjoyed playing with this and when I say we, I mean I did too. I do have to try out the kids’ toys.

It is a must have for any Batman fan and even ones who aren’t. Like Ethan, they probably will become fans soon after.

Available at all major toy retailers, it is priced at £59.99 but there are many deals around at the moment by which you can get it slightly cheaper.


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