Barratts Children Shoes Review

I recently received a pair of shoes from Barratts to review and I was very pleased with the entire transaction.
I ordered the pair I wanted to review online on their website at and it was really easy to do so. The only thing is with the wide choice of shoes I took a pretty long time deciding on a pair.
I finally decided on a pair of Kickers brand school shoesfor Jadyn. It was down from £48 to £40.80. It is a Kickers Bar Strap Casual Shoes and was available only online.
The shoe was delivered quite soon and in perfect condition.
The shoe is sturdy and is very comfortable (this is according to Jadyn, as she has been wearing it). It fits well and the strap being wider on one side adds for a better fit.
The slightly squarish toe also provides a more comfortable fitting.
It has no fancy flowers or any shiny bit but it is a good functional school shoe. It does have some stitch detailing so it does not look too plain.
We are very pleased with the shoe and would recommend it highly.



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2 thoughts on “Barratts Children Shoes Review

  1. they look like lovely, sturdy and hard wearing shoes. I find cheap shoes you are always replacing within weeks but buy a decent pair it might cost a bit more but you save in the long run. x

  2. If you’re looking for more Barratts Children Shoes Review, then look into getting these Austin’s from Nine West. If you are walking around all day at the work place, then you probably already know how important comfort is.

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