Barf the St. Bernard from The Ugglys Range: A Review

I often find that I like a toy for the children because well….’I’ like it. And I don’t take into account that if I don’t like it too much – it may still be appealing to the children. This is one of those toys.

20140705_100407We received Barf, the St. Bernard.

The Ugglys – the name should have told me what it would be like. It is an ugly dog, well maybe not ugly but a bit dirty. And it makes these utterly gross sounds – it belches and it barfs and it has an ugly insect in its mouth. So not adult like. So like a child to love it!

I received an electronic Uggly dog to review and when I saw it I thought it looked well – quite ugly. But it kind of grew on me and if you look past the ugliness, it is quite cute. I probably wouldn’t bought it from a store shelf because ‘I’ would have thought it a gross toy. But, I would have been wrong  because where my children are concerned – they love it. They think its hilarious and they think it’s cute and they play with it – all the time.


They love reshaping soft rubbery bit of its face to make it look even funnier all the while it barfs and belches.

Switch it on and with a whistle it instantly comes to life with a fly buzzing sound and other gross sounds that the children find hilarious. They can’t stop playing with it. Barf also snores when left alone for a while. Which of course is very seldom as someone is always kidding around with him.


There is a button on its collar that adjusts the pitch of the sounds.

Barf has bulging eyes with eyeballs complete with green slime around his mouth. The face is made of rubber with the back being of hard plastic. I can quite easily get my hand in to set Barf off with his ridiculous sounds. A younger child may find it a bit difficult trying to get Barf to make sounds.


A great thing is that there are a number of different sounds that Barf can make besides the burping and farting. We have heard him go ‘BOING’ and even ‘Miaow’ (A dog that miaows – that’s got to appeal to a child!! )

You require 3 ‘AAA’ batteries and there is an ‘ON/OFF’ switch which is nice for parents. 🙂

He even comes with an adoption certificate.

Set to be a big hit this Christmas or earlier even, the Ugglys range is priced at £29.99

Disclaimer: I was sent Barf the St. Bernard Uggly’s toy to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.



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