Barbie & Me Colour-Change Glam Bag – A Review

The children love Barbie. She is fashionable and wears the most amazing clothes with the most amazing accessories.

How would it feel for a little girl to have a Barbie bag? It’s a wonderful feeling for sure.

And what would it be like if the bag was kind of magical?  What if……It could change colour to match ones outfit?

Right, now you’re having  laugh or so I told myself when I had an opportunity to review the Barbie change colour bag. Surely you couldn’t have a bag that changes colour to match everything.

I guess the manufactures had the last laugh because the bag pretty much changes colour to match everything. Well, everything that we have tested it on.

We received this beautiful packaged box one afternoon and the children were over the moon.  It was the Barbie & Me, Colour-Change Glam bag.


The bag itself is very stylish and looks like a glam bag for the evening.  In a dark shade of pink it has a lovely handle that has a chain design . It comes with several accessories that you can change to suit the occasion or you can go the whole hog and use them all.


The colour change bit is completely enthralling to a child. I mean I was pretty taken with it too. All you need to do is hold it against something and press the button. The bag will then change to the colour of that you are holding it against. There are about 100 colours in its palette so you can be pretty sure that you will find the colour of your clothes.


The bag is more like a clutch and one must remember that the colour changing feature is the most important feature of the bag. It will not hold anything other than a few hair clips. But then, if you are looking for a bag to hold things, why would you ever look at a colour changing bag?


The bag is a lovely size as you can see in relation to my 3 year old. She loves it and it is with her pretty much wherever we go.

The bag is perfect for pretend play and dress up and great for the age range 3 – 7 and this is why I mentioned earlier that this is mainly a play accessory not a ‘bag’ in real terms.


It is no surprise to learn that the bag has been listed as one of the Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2014. If I was a child, it would definitely be on my list!

I am sure that the elves are working overtime to get these completed before Christmas.

Here is a video made by ToyTestersTV which tells you how much kids liked the bag.

It retails at £29.99 and though it may seem to be expensive, it provides hours of fun for your little one so it’s well worth it.

If you think that this is a must have toy this Christmas, hurry and get it now as it promises to be a huge sell out by Christmas.

Barbie Glam Bag Step by Step

Disclaimer: I was sent the above toy for an honest review. All ideas aand opinions are my own.


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